VPC ZOOM Classes’ Schedule and Some Guidelines

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Please be sure to check your emails every Sunday for the coming week’s zoom class invitation that will be sent to you from your lead teacher’s email address. In order for your child(ren) to get the most out of our virtual lessons, please follow these guidelines:

1. Classes will begin promptly at start time, and end abruptly at the 40-minute mark. Please refer to your child(ren)’s class time. Apologies, in advance, if we get cut off while we are wrapping up any sessions. The “Zoom Clock” is very strict and we cannot control that.

2. Every program will meet Monday-Friday and all program’s students are welcome to every session. Please understand that this is only for the child who is enrolled in the program. While it would be nice to have siblings and friends attend, it will be impossible to manage.

3. Tablets or Computers are suggested for best view. Lessons will be a mix of academics, music and movement. Device needs to be stationary at times in order to allow the student to participate.

4. Everyone will be on mute upon entry. Please understand, background noise is distracting and switches focus off the teacher presenting. We will be asking students to participate at different times, and will unmute them accordingly.

5. An adult should be present during the session. Try and sit with/near your child who is attending class. At school, we never expect them to sit and pay attention for a full 40 minutes. They may need redirection from you during our sessions as they are new to this platform and method of socializing.

6. View the session in “Speaker mode” to see presenter or in “Gallery mode” to view the whole group.

We look forward to your child(ren)’s participation!

CLICK •••>  VPC ZOOM Classes’ Schedule (March 2020)