Admissions Process

In our admission process, we are looking to find a suitable match between new families and our school. Parents of potential applicants should understand and be comfortable with the VPC philosophy and curriculum. Parental involvement in the school is welcomed and encouraged through fundraising, charitable activities and sharing special knowledge or skills with the children.

1. Request A Visit

Families interested in applying to VPC must first submit a “request a visit form.  (PLEASE NOTE: VPC does not send out applications prior to a visit). Starting October and continuing through December, families will be contacted for our initial round of visits. Every year we receive more requests for visits than we can actually accommodate, therefore applicants for visits are chosen in an ongoing lottery system. Each potential applicant is sorted by gender and age and then randomly chosen from the applicant pool.

2. “Virtually” Visit the School (updated as of APR 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Parents should treat our approximately 45-minute “virtual” visit as a relaxed, friendly interview, via a secured meeting, on ZOOM. An alumni parent conducts the virtual meeting, providing all the information and answers questions. One or both directors will join and get to know every family and child. This personal one-on-one approach allows us to give parents our full attention while observing and interacting with the child.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to conduct a “virtual” visit for any family that shows up for an appointment without their child. If your child is sick, please email us (at to reschedule.

3. Acceptance

Applicants who visit during our initial round (October through December), will receive letters by the end of December regarding their acceptance for the following school year. Applicants who visit after December will receive letters as soon as possible, based on availability.

4. Application

If the letter received is an acceptance letter, it will be accompanied by an application, which will detail all necessary step to secure a spot for the next school year. Due to the ongoing nature of our admission process, parents are encouraged not to delay sending back the application, if VPC is their first choice. From January on, we will continue to schedule visits until all of our programs are filled.

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