Our Curriculum

We offer the best child-centered and literary-based curriculum which stem from Montessori, Bank Street and Reggio Emilia. Notable for example:

  • “Reading Readiness” and “Early Reading” incorporated daily in whole group, small group and one-on-one playing and teaching.
  • daily French lesson in all programs.
  • “Music & Movement”, with our own music teacher (using guitar, banjo, harmonica and other musical accessories).
  • daily Science, with our own science teacher.
  • high teacher-student ratio which enables us to work in small group.
  • during group activities, all children are encouraged to join the group, but not forced to. Children continue to absorb information and experiences even from the side lines.

Our lessons and activities are well structured and tailored to the children’s interest. Teachers treat the children as individuals. There is no pressure on the child and we let them go at their own pace. For example, if a child has “cracked the code” of reading, we take them to their next level. By the same token, if a child is afraid of going on our Merry-Go-Round with other children, we provide time for that child to use it alone, at their own pace.

Our curriculum respects the child’s inquisitive mind and its ability to absorb. We offer  traditional learning centers, art, building blocks and dramatic play. We also offer a variety of age-appropriate enrichment themes, such as “Trip-Around-the-World” or “Our Town”—where the children study interactively an array of countries or roles in the community. Parents partner with us during these themes to share their experiences.

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