Parents’ “Thank You” Letters

…in their own words

Over the years, we have received hundreds of letters from parents who felt compelled to express their feelings about their own experience and that of their children with us. Always heartfelt, touching, and generously loving, these letters are a testimony of the special bond that formed within our comunity. We cherish your feedback, and feel honored to have been a part of your lives.

“Thank you for having the courage so many years ago to create an environment of love and light. We walk through the doors of VPC every day with gratitude – thank you for including our family in your vision!” —Chantal and Jim, Parents of Sheriff

“Since the first sunny day we entered into the great universe that is VPC, you have continued to amaze us with your outstanding commitment and excellence. Each and every teacher who has been with our children has been fantastic. Each has enriched the lives of our kids and made an impact. All positive. All impressive. All heart, all the time. The place you have created is far more than a preschool. It is an epicenter of genuine joy, of important life lesson, and love. To try to describe the level of devotion your staff shows would be an understatement, and to attempt to say thank you would be the same.”   —With love and thanks, Stephen, Hailey, Bea, Leo and Faye

“It is impossible to think of you without being overwhelmed by gratitude for all you’ve done for us these past two years. We love you!”  —Amanda and Lucy

“Thank you so much for yet another wonderful year! Maxwell and Jackson just loved being Green Budgies and always told me “we want to be Budgies FOREVER!”  —Much love and eternal thanks, Lisa Faber

“Thank you for all of your love, support, care, patience – and of course, the tons of fun times you have given to Ian. He has loved and thoroughly enjoyed every minute at VPC – the singing, the dancing, playing and the learning – words cannot express our gratitude. He learned so much – about himself, the community, the universe, and countries all over the world, and then he came to the conclusion that after seeing and learning all this, VPC is the best place in the world.” —With much love and gratitude, Peggy, Giles, Ian and Peter

“Thank you for accepting us to the BEST preschool in the world… WE LOVE YOU AND WE THANK YOU!”  —The Red Cardinals Class & their families

“Thank you for all you’ve done for our family this year. Every day we appreciate the learning and nurturing that that both our sons get from your wonderful school. But we also remember the personal kindness: your support and understanding of Tal’s adjustment to preschool, your availability to give us sound and kind advice, your tolerance of our endless questions on kindergartens.” —Love, Dafna, Geoff, Ronin and Tal

“Thank you for creating a community where our entire family has made lifelong friends, globetrotting our kids around the world, expanding their minds and palettes, providing a nurturing, yet academic environment that prepares kids to conquer the world (or at least kindergarten), raising the bar on a preschool experience.”  —Love, The Adams Family, Alyssa, Patrick, Benjamin and Kaitlyn

“You created along with all the staff a nurturing, loving, supporting, energetic, creative, warm, vibrant, exciting, colorful, artsy, fun and soulful environment. You can feel the heart the moment you step in. You not only care about the children but also you love them, and you also take care of the parents as well. You make all the birds sing!” —Much love, The O’Mearas

“The growth in our son is due to you, the most committed and caring educators we have ever known. We will never, ever forget your kindness and dedication. You are truly amazing human beings, and our heroes”.  —With love and thanks, Lisa Rector-Maass & Don Maass

“Thank you very much for taking such great care of us through the years. From welcoming us with a silly comment each day, to teaching us how to read, we always felt your love and support.”
—Love, your friends the Blue Jays class

“We can never thank you enough for providing Elyana with the warmest and the most thoughtful introduction to school and friendships.” —Love, Caryn & Andrew Blatt

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the care you’ve taken with Lucy’s adjustment to school. Your patience and thoughtfulness, your expertise, and your extraordinary instincts have made an immense difference in our lives.” —Amanda

“We want to thank you for being a constant source of support. You have always been open and available to listen to any questions or concerns we have. You have been an integral part of our family.” —Love, Tina & Bob

“Thank you for this incredible blessing that you have given us. We could not have hoped for a more nurturing, loving and caring environment than you have given Griffyn.”

—Much love, The Flood Family

“Taylor has grown into an incredible, eager and motivated little girl, and we credit VPC for a lot of that. The things she has learned, both educational as well as life lessons have been far beyond what we could have imagined from a preschool!” —All our love, The Mann Family

“Thank you for creating a school that is based on love, respect and kindness. Please know how thankful we are to you for taking time to help and parent coach us whenever we needed you with sleep issues, sibling rivalry, or what to expect in the next stage of development. Your advice has influenced our families in more ways than you’ll ever know. Your philosophy has passed on to our children – a love of learning, curiosity in the classroom, and respect for one another, big and small.” —The Blue Jays and the Red Cardinals Parents

“Thank you for bringing your special blend of sweetness, love, whimsy, educational savvy, and smile to your preschool every day.” —With love, The Cynar family

“VPC is such a warm, sweet, accepting place for Siobhan to have begun her school life. She has learned so much, but most importantly she is a happy little girl who loves school and looks forward to kindergarten. Thanks for all your love, support and assistance during the private schools admission process.” —Sincerely, Kim Reece

“You have spoiled us and we are grateful. We feel so lucky to have found VPC and we could not have asked for more.” —Love, Lisa, Jonathan & Trewin

“Tyler has been blessed with you in his life, to enrich it from the very start! Thanks for being your wonderful, loving, positive self! Every time we see you, you bring a ray of light.”
—With Love, Elaine & Ti-Hua Chang

“Thank you so much for making school such a magical, loving place for our daughter.”
—Meredith & Marshal, Emery’s parents.

“If heaven has an earthly address, we believe that it is 136 West 10th Street. Thank you so much for all that you have done for our family and for your love of all of our children.”
—In gratitude, Suela, Alexander, Amelia & Rich

“We thank you for building a beautiful, special preschool for our beloved children. And we thank you for staffing it with a unique group of multi-talented teachers. You have indeed created a splendid bouquet of teachers and with your generous praise – you bring each one into full bloom. Words cannot express our thanks for your perfect school.”
—Much love, All VPC parents.

“You’ve been a huge part of our lives, and you’ve shaped a lot of the way we raise our children. We feel so lucky that we found such a great preschool right when we were new parents. We didn’t know what we were doing, and your advice, guidance, philosophy and general way of being helped us find our stride as a family. Cecile still surprises us with pearls of wisdom that she learned in your school. Her way of embracing diversity and her open mind are direct consequences of holding hands and singing the song at the snack table. Thank you so much for all these gifts. They will last a lifetime.” —Warmly, Anne

“We’ll always be indebted to your wonderful establishment and the traditions that have inspired that hunger for learning in Kaia.”

“I wanted to give a big thank you and a round of applause to you and all the other teachers at VPC. Eric has been accepted at Lower Lab and I believe the great teaching you guys do at VPC played a large role in this acceptance. He would come home from school counting and singing in French and recognizing letters of his name way before we would have thought to teach him those concepts.” —Love, Irene and Cary

“Thank you for guiding our little flock through the year! Your calm presence, love of children, and quiet leadership make Red Robins an incredibly special place. You have taught us all! Thank you for limitless patience, countless hugs, and unending enthusiasm. Thank you for nurturing and teaching our beautiful little birds.” —Much love, all the Red Robin families

“We could not have asked for more for our children (though they could have asked for longer days and no vacations away from their beloved teachers!), and we look all the more forward to their future knowing what a broad and beautiful foundation you’ve laid for them.” —Much love, Lara & Stu Bergen

“In my heart, I know that it does take a village to care for and teach children. Your school understands how important a sense of community means to our youngest, most innocent learners. In this complex city, where change seems to happen within a blink of an eye, your school somehow never changes the most fundamental elements for child growth: love and understanding. Within the midst of great change, you maintain a sense of strength and peace.”
—Love, Terri Trent

“Thank you for the amazing teaching and nurturing Ronin received in VPC. Every week we were amazed at the wonderful things that Ronin came home knowing and showing us – about other countries, jobs, how things grow, how to make things, facts about artists, and the start of basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. He was always so proud to show us what he knew and had accomplished. The combination of the nurturing he received from each of you every day, the fun and silliness that was injected into the day, and the professional and tightly run ship of the classroom, was just incredible. We also felt that each time we came to you with a challenge or question you were approachable and wise in your response.” —Dafna Sarnoff & Geoff Rodkey

We feel so grateful for everyone at your school, especially for the amazing level of attentiveness and warmth from each and every one of your teachers.
Julien has been so lucky to have such intelligent and talented people guiding his early education.
Love, Gina and Jean Michel

“It has been such a special year, so many milestones that we’ve accomplished under your guidance: learning to separate from our parents and nannies, learning our ABCs and colors and numbers, learning to play well with our friends and classmates. Thank you for being there through all our tears and giggles, adventures and misadventures at VPC!”
—Love, the Red Finches children and parents

“Each of you who have helped build an oasis of love and harmony for our children. You never lost sight of what it’s all about. The children learned in a rich, imaginative environment where nurturing and caring of each individual were constant.” —Jill and Leo

“His ability to love himself and to get along with others was strongly influenced by your love of him and your teaching of important life values.” —Our love and best wishes, David, Steven, Ina Tay (and Daniel too)

“There are no words to thank you for the extraordinary role-model you have been to our son, Dylan. He has “internalized” your being as providing safety and joy in the world. What you’ve given will last a lifetime.” —Thanks you, Denise & Bruce

“We can only hope that our child looks forward to going to his future schools as much as he looked forward to VPC every day. We hope that his teachers are as gifted, and that his parents feel as comfortable and confident about sending him off every morning.”
—Love, Alicia and Greg