Sample Schedule of 2’s and 3’s Program

Daily Schedule Red Robins Twos and Threes Program (9:00AM – 11:50AM)

9:00 AM – Arrival Time

We extend a warm greeting to each child. (In accordance with Dept. of Health regulations, we must give a brief health evaluation to makes sure that the child is able to attend school; since children are required to wash their hands upon arrival, we would like your help with your child’s hand washing.) The purpose of this part of the day is to involve the children in engaging activities to facilitate separation from parents and sitters. Among the activities awaiting the children at various workstations are pegs, watercolors, puzzles, sorting games, lotto games, sand box, easel painting, water table, etc. The children may also select their own activities from the shelves – Brio trains, play houses and garages, cars, animals, and people – or play in the dramatic play center, where they may use dress-up clothes, tools, tea sets, and play foods. In the library, teachers read stories.

9:25 AM – Clean Up Time

The children put their toys away accompanied by the clean-up song.

9:30 AM – Square Time

We use several songs and games to make the children aware of each other’s presence. We also introduce the day’s themes and lessons.

9:40 AM – Music Time

Singing and dancing with our music teacher.

10:00 AM – Playtrium Time

Activities include playing on the climbing equipment, riding in cars, playing in the playhouses, and organized group games. Scheduled outdoor activities include nature and neighborhood walks.

10:40 AM – Snack time. We serve a healthy vegetarian snack. This is when we celebrate the children’s birthdays. To prepare for snack, the children wash and dry the table and pour water from individual pitchers. (Reminder: The Village Preschool Center is nut-free.)

11:00 AM – Story/Project Time

Here the class is divided into groups according to attention span and the ability to focus on multi-step projects. These activities begin with a story or discussion and may include art projects related to the letter of the week, seasonal and holiday art projects, cooking, planting, science experiments, acting out the story, computer activities, pre- and early reading and math games (with children who are ready and motivated), and Montessori sensorial materials to work on size relationships, color, and textures.

11:25 AM – French Time

This includes reading simple books, singing songs w/finger play and dancing all in French.

11:35 AM – Table Time or Large Movement

We sing songs, laugh, learn our letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, become familiar with the instruments of the orchestra. Large movement includes dancing, parading with pompoms, playing with the parachute, crawling through the tunnel, and playing circle games.

11:45 AM – Mat Time

We sing restful good-bye songs (some in French) to help the children relax in preparation for dismissal.

11:50 AM – Dismissal