One of the most important responsibilities of our preschool is preparation for kindergarten and placement of our graduates in ongoing schools. We are very proud of the children’s success in being accepted at selective schools.

We focus on sending forth exceptionally well-prepared children. Directors of the ongoing schools are delighted. Kindergarten teachers frequently tell us how pleased they are with our children. They see that our VPC grads are socially and cognitively advanced.

Our “Kindergarten/Preschool Information Night” for our graduating preschoolers prepares parents for the rigors of the school placement process. We discuss school options, private, public and gifted programs, and testing. We invite speakers to represent various schools, in order to familiarize parents with a broad spectrum of the fine schools that are out there. We also discuss the importance of the interview process for, both, the child and the parents. All of this is designed to enable parents go about the application process in a more realistic, efficient, and informed manner. We are devoted to helping in every step of the process and avidly write recommendation letters that reveal the shining star within each applicant.

Among the schools who accept our graduates are:

Allen Stevenson Little Red School House
 Avenues Lycée Français de New York
Brearley Marymount
Calhoun Nightingale
Chapin School Parker Collegiate
City and Country Poly Prep
Columbia Grammar Saint Ann’s
Corlears School Speyer Lecay
Dalton St. Luke’s
Ethical Culture Trevor Day School
Fieldston School Trinity School
Friends Seminary UNIS
Grace Church School World Class Learning Academy
La Scuola D’Italia Village Community School
Leman Manhattan Prep School

Gifted and Talented Schools:

Anderson NEST
 Hunter Special Music School of America
Lower Lab

Public Schools:

Midtown West PS 116
PS 3 PS 150
PS 41 PS 234
–1 –2
–3 –4

Jake is one of our recent graduates who got into Hunter. With his parents permission, we share their letter with you…

Dear Suzette, Brunie and all at VPC,

We are delighted to inform you that Jake has been accepted into the Hunter College Elementary.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt thanks to all at VPC for always providing Jake with a positive and supportive educational environment. Everyone at VPC has always given Jake the freedom to be himself and helped to nurture his confidence to explore and learn about the world around him. We are certain that Jake’s experiences at VPC have contributed significantly to his emotional and intellectual development and helped to inspire in him both a lifelong love of learning and a genuine sense of compassion and empathy for those around him.

We are fully confident that this foundation will provide him with all of the tools necessary for him to make a successful transition into kindergarten and beyond, and we cannot thank all of you enough for the love, kindness and support you have shown Jake and all of the other children lucky enough to attend preschool at VPC. It is truly a very special place.

Suzette and Brunie— We would like to offer you a special thanks not only for all your efforts in the kindergarten application process, but for always being available to offer us your insight and sage advice in any number of issues that have arisen while Jake has attended VPC. No matter how busy you both are you always find a way to make the time for everyone – how you manage this we will never know!

Wishing you both all the best and VPC many years of continued prosperity and success.

Best Regards,
Hae and Sid (Parents of Jake)